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posted on: 3 Aug 2006
Sp@ce Radio
posted on: 8 Apr 2006
Savor the Silence!
Based on a dream by Todd Young...

Shut Up Dude Gum. When you positively have to tell someone SHHHHH

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posted on: 2 Apr 2005
Tor Johnson Sings!

UPDATE: New Music Video: Tor Johnson Sings: The Beatles "Day in Life / Magical Mr Tor".

Buy Glenn's CD Here

Glenn was born & raised in Philly where he survived seven years of inner-city Catholic school. If the constant beatings over the head proved fruitful at all, it has manifested in this CD. Glenn takes turns being various "celebs" performing the worst possible tunes for each particular "star". The CD has been featured on The Dr Demento Show.

Glenn's musical endeavors have included prog-rockers North Star (they're *big* in France), ex-Gong guitarist Bon Lozaga & Project/Object. P/O features two of Frank Zappa's most prominent members --- Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock. They have toured the US many times. Glenn now continues to carry that banner with Ike Willis on the west coast with Pojama People. See our groovy page here on Live at the Space.

"Liner Notes"

1 Robert Planet: The Zeppelin Parrot-dy
i've always felt that robert plant sounded like a parrot when he relentlessly repeated those rock-n-roll cliches. prettybaby-prettbaby-prettybaby-*SQUAAAAK*

2 Tor Johnson: Eight Day Week
the ever-so-eloquent b-movie "monster" tor spouts love ala beatles.

3 Jackie Mason: Never on Saturday
sunday isn't the only holy day you putz kids, now get outta my yard!!!

4 Neil Young: Super Shaft
i couldn't decide if neil should sing super fly or shaft so....

5 Charles Nelson Reilly & Rip Taylor: Knights in White Satin
just add one more letter to the original title et voila! "there's a fine line between styoopid and clevah" --- david st hubbins

6 Bob Dylan: They're Coming to Take Me Awaaaaay
in spite of my protest, a friend put on dylan's rainy day woman. i heard the drum intro as the same groove of napoleon xiv's classic. the song then wrote itself.

7 Steve Howe: Bohemian Rhapsody
a payback to howe for having the gall to sing lead on his first solo album. gee, i thought, what's one of the hardest rock-n-roll songs to sing?

8 Maht the Loop Hole: Allah Young Dudes
i'm no fan of the war in iraq. i'm no fan of suicide bombers. both sides are killing in the name of the "right" god. imbicels.

9 Amnerika: Song with Three Notes
yup, count 'em. horse with no name has only three notes. there are only two in the verses. talk about minimalism, sheesh.

10 Sly & the Family Stallone: Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf, AdrieN
once i came up with the artist name, this song wrote itself. gawd, i hate work.

11 W: The Gates of Delirium
i was reading some surrealistic jon anderson lyrics when the frightening realization came to me that our current president speaks like that for real.

12 Great Lake: Sara Lee
i love e-l-p, but greg lake has had one too many whiskey & chocolate binges. i mean, have you seen him lately?!

13 Pee-Wee Herman: Bach Two-Part Invention in F
do i really have to explain this one?

14 Tor Johnson: Day in Life / Magic Mr Tor
the smooth sexy sounds of tor return to close "round out" the disc.