Pojama People

Pojama People News: Mon, 11th Feb 2008

Alli Bach (vox, perc, winds, dance) Ted Clifford (keys, vox) B-Bo (gtr, vox) Tanglehead (bass, vox) IKE WILLIS (Ike Willis) Glenn Leonard (drums, vox, etc)
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Pojama People consist of four highly rhythmic indivijules all fum R-gun, dontcha know.
Alli Bach is the percussion, winds, voice / Glenn Leonard be the drummin n other stuff /
Tanglehead de bassy n some vocals / Ted Clifford do the finger thang on them blacknwhites n also vocum /
De Thingfish heself --- Mr. Ike Willis be th respondable party for bring the band to da stage.
We play de music of Mr Willis' former boss --- the genius that was n still am Mr Frank ZAPPA!
Look for de boys n de one girl all along de west coast now. They gotsa jazzy lil website heah.
Come see the band (not necessarily in that order!)

June 24 Thursday 9pm 21 & over
Sam Bond's Garage
407 Blair
Eugene OR 97402
(541) 431-6603
$10 CHEAP!

June 25 Friday 10pm 21 & over
Mt Tabor Theater
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland OR 97215
(503) 360-1450‎
$12 Advance, $15 Day of Show CHEAP!

June 26 Saturday 8pm All Ages
Tesla Performance Space
American Museum of Radio & Electricity
1312 Bay Street
Bellingham WA
(360) 738-3886
$12 Cheap (benefits Pickford Film Center)

"Let's not be too tough on our own ignorance. It's the thing that makes America great. If America weren't incomparably ignorant, how could we have tolerated the last eight years?" ~Frank Zappa, 1988

A sampling is below from "footsie notes" -- the splendid CD featuring Ike Willis and general improv extravaganzas. It's available at gigs or by emailing: gleonard333@gmail.com because it's mostly HIS FAULT!
Christmas in Dunsmuir

Groovy vids on Youtube

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can't afford no shoes
willie the pimp
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teenage prostitute
sy borg
outside now
bigtime showbiz opener!
don't you ever wash thirteen improvs?
alien orifice
tell me you love me
chunga's revenge
sofa #2
son of orange county
trouble every day
zoot allures
it can't happen here
let's make blackwater turn back

punk dragon, pt 1
punk dragon, pt 2

An enticing video promoting "Glenn Leonard Is..." as played on Dr. Demento. Download or have CD shipped to you: cLiCk HeRe 14 tracks featuring parodies of Neil Young singing Shaft, Robert Plant as a parrot, Jackie Mason singing Never on Saturday, Charles Nelson Reilly & Rip Taylor: Knights in White Satin, Bob Dylan: They're Coming to Take Me Awaaaaay, Steve Howe: Bohemian Rhapsody, Maht the Loop Hole: Allah Young Dudes, Great Lake: Sara Lee and more.

Recently released! 20 Extraordinary Renditions - The Idiot Bastard Son CD. 20 reinventions of that FZ classic including Pojama People, Project/Object, Nigey Lennon, John Tobacco, Jerry Outlaw of Bogus Pomp & many, many more! (as they like to say in the music hype biz) Be the first block on your kid!
Cordelia Records

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A Message From Moon Zappa via the Zappa Hotline 12/93: "Hi, thank you for calling. You've reached the Zappa Hotline ... this is Moon. My family requests that those wishing to send flowers to commemorate my father in some way make a donation in his name either to: The Office for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association (a 501 C3 tax exempt organization) please phone them at: 312-280-4223 or fax them at 312-440-9374. Or make a donation in Frank's name to: The Cousteau Society, Greenpeace, or any favorite environmental cause. My family is concerned about all of those of you who love Frank and want to do something but are financially restricted: JUST PLAY HIS MUSIC, IF YOU’RE A MUSICIAN, AND OTHERWISE PLAY HIS MUSIC ANYWAY – THAT WILL BE ENOUGH FOR HIM! My family hopes to be able to announce a memorial event at a future date and lastly, my mother asked that you be kind to your family and to your friends, and most especially to yourself." ***This message was on the Zappa Hotline just after Frank’s death on Dec 4, 1993. We quote it here only to offer historical context. NO ENDORSEMENT by Moon Zappa or anyone else is implied.***