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posted on: Sun, 25th Mar 2007
Rick Santorum: Senator Man on Dog

The latest Live@TheSpace Political Video

For freedom and dog loving Americans everywhere

Rick Santorum: Senator Man on Dog

posted on: 7 Aug 2006
EDO Archive Documentary Short

The name of the band is...".




Support the EDO Archive

posted on: 7 Aug 2006
Tor Johnson Sings!

UPDATE: New Music Video: Tor Johnson Sings: The Beatles "Day in Life / Magical Mr Tor".

Buy Glenn's CD Here

Glenn was born & raised in Philly where he survived seven years of inner-city Catholic school. If the constant beatings over the head proved fruitful at all, it has manifested in this CD. Glenn takes turns being various "celebs" performing the worst possible tunes for each particular "star". The CD has been featured on The Dr Demento Show.

posted on: 30 Jul 2006
The Satans Live @ Club 218 | Genius
The Satans Recorded live at Club218 More clips to follow in the video section!!

Check out the Zappa-esque "Genius" by the Satans...

The Satans - Live @ Club218 | Genius

Note: The download is 22MB in size and is encoded in Windows Media Video 9.0

Check the video section soon for more from that show.
posted on: 30 Jul 2006
TYRB @ The Tin Angel | Wed, July 19th 2006
Here's a sample of the Tin Angel show and a preview of a song that will be on our next album...

TYRB - Live @ The Tin Angel | Jingo

Note: The download is 19MB in size and is encoded in Windows Media Video 9.0

Watch the video section for more from this show.
posted on: 3 Apr 2005
The Broken Hipsters DVD is FINISHED!!

Update July 30, 2006:The Broken Hipsters DVD is FINISHED

The Broken Hipsters is a rock opera. Really.

Yet another shameful self-promotion of The Broken Hipsters DVD, an "indie-rock opera," first performed in the fall of '03 and then in '04 at the Philadelpha Live Arts/Fringe Festival.

The Broken Hipsters an indie rock opera film by the Sand Family and Mark Wolfe

Buy the DVD Here and support LiveAtTheSpace

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posted on: 3 Apr 2005
Boner Biting Retards in the Pentagon
Shortly before the Presidential Election of 2004, EDO 's Pete Wilder created a simple Flash movie to accompany EDO's politically charged song: "Boner Biting Retards". The link to the movie was spread all over the internet and wound up on a couple of high profile political and cultural humor sites and our little corner of the web found itself getting thousands of hits per day. The orignal post read:

My name is Dick Cheney and I approved of this message: 1, 2, 3

[sponsored by: factcheck.com ] ;)

Right at that time, there was a Vice Presidentail debate in which Dick Cheney tried to back up his malarky by telling people to go to "factcheck.com" which of course is not the site he meant and that domain was actually used as an anti Bush campaign. The real site of course is run by students at the University of Pennsylvania and is called factcheck.org.
posted on: 3 Apr 2005
"Gamers" : a documentary on videogame culture
GAMERS is an independent documentary that paints a candid portrait of what is ticking at the heart of American Gaming Culture. Interviews with industry professionals, world class tournament champions, classic record holders as well as average gamers reveal that not all is what it seems in the seat of the worlds most popular form of entertainment.
[Promo Clip 1 - 4mb wmv] | [older clip - 6mb wmv ]